Bryce Swenson

My name is Bryce.  I run a specialty coffee roaster in MN. People often refer to me as the “coffee guy.” I am also a veteran, love pizza and of course love coffee!

Maybe you have had this problem too…

You get to work, grab a cup of coffee, sit down at your desk to take a drink to start your day only to have it taste… bland and stale like typical office coffee that has been on the shelf for months. Five years ago I attended a local community education class on the coffee roasting process. I started roasting for myself so I could enjoy the difference of freshly roasted coffee every morning! A couple years later, that evolved into bringing my roasted coffee to events and get togethers with family and friends. I continue to develop and refine my craft and create new specialty blends as well as single origin coffee. If you are sick of the same old bland coffee each morning, I’m glad you are here. Now you too can have a good cup of coffee!

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Crystal Swenson

My name is Crystal. I am Bryce’s wife and I take the lead with social media, the website, and everything creative. I LOVE the color purple, chocolate, and enjoy spending time with our two kids and our crazy dog, Izzy! I will get a picture soon!