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Welcome to Bryce's Beans and thank you for visiting our website!  

Bryce’s Beans is a local specialty coffee roaster in Alexandria, MN based online to provide you with freshly roasted, quality coffee beans that you can brew, however you choose, right in the comfort of your own home! 

Bryce developed his passion passion for coffee out of desire to have a good cup of coffee for work instead of the same old stale coffee grounds served in the office. It expanded from providing for just himself, to family and friends, and finally into Bryce’s Beans, LLC. It all began with Bryce and a cast iron skillet and has now developed into a business with various offerings and a newly offered subscription service, office coffee, brewing methods, equipment, and FREE education on all things coffee!

Being a specialty coffee roaster means we get the opportunity to enlighten your palette with the flavors of freshly roasted quality coffee! This is something that the average coffee drinker isn't used to experiencing with your typical store bought coffee. We source the finest quality raw green coffee beans from all over the world! They come from the farms in burlap sacks and we get to create our custom blends and also provide exceptional single origin roasts just for you! Most who try custom, quality roasted coffee never look back! If you want to try our freshly roasted coffee, we are here for you!  All aspects of the business including roasting and packaging are done by hand right out of our home. This provides you with the freshest product possible with a personal touch! 

Thank you!

Bryce and Crystal