Our Coffee Story

Welcome to Bryce's Beans and thank you for visiting our website!  

We are a local coffee roaster business in Alexandria, MN based online (so far anyway) in order to provide you with freshly roasted quality coffee beans that you can brew, how you choose, right in the comfort of your own home! 

If you made it this far, it might be safe to assume you love coffee as much as us! BUT, have you tried specialty coffee roasted to order just for you?! If not, we are here for you! 

That is exactly what we offer! 

We are primarily online, but you might catch us around in the Alexandria and surrounding communities! Until then, if you want to be the first to know about dates for upcoming events, click to sign up for our email list!  

Bryce's Beans was created from a passion for coffee and desire to provide everyone (not just family and friends who LOVE when we bring coffee to events and gatherings) with freshly roasted quality coffee. It all started with Bryce and a cast iron skillet and has now developed into a business with currently three offerings and a newly offered subsctiption service! 

Being a specialty coffee roaster means we get the opportunity to enlighten your palette with the flavors of quality coffee and your mind with all that fresh coffee has to offer. This is something that the average coffee drinker isn't used to experiencing with your typical store bought coffee. We source the finest quality raw green coffee beans! They come from the farms in burlap sacks and we get to create these custom blends or roast a single origin just for you! Most who try custom quality roasted coffee never look back! If you want to try our freshly roasted coffee, we are here for you!  All aspects of the business including roasting and packaging are done by hand right out of our home. This provides you with the freshest product possible! 

We both thank you from the bottom of out hearts, and our coffee cups!
If you are still here, I'm thinking this means you are interested in the experience of tasting quality coffee roasted just for you! Whether you want to just try it out on a monthly basis or gift yourself or someone else coffee for three months or six months, we are here for you!!This area is a great place for spreading your message far and wide. To motivate an audience, write content that connects them to your ideas. Tell them how they can benefit and how their involvement can benefit others. You can also take this opportunity to talk about any other aspect of your business or project.